New York reports lowest number of daily Covid-19 deaths in weeks

New York state reported its lowest number of daily coronavirus deaths in weeks in what governor Andrew Cuomo described Saturday as a critical benchmark. ​​The daily death tally was 84 after a peak of 799 on April 8. Reducing the state's daily death count to fewer than 100 seemed almost impossible several weeks ago, the Democratic governor said.

Trump plays golf as U.S heads towards Covid 100000

As the United States lurched towards the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths from Covid-19, evidently reconciled to the death toll and encouraged by declining infections and fatality rates, President Trump headed out for a round of golf on Memorial Day weekend, when millions of Americans emerge outdoors to party and commemorate those who died to secure the country.

UN welcomes three-day ceasefire announcement by Taliban and Afghan govt during Eid

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday welcomed the announcement by the Taliban and the Afghanistan govt of a ceasefire to enable the Afghan people to celebrate Eid al-Fitr in peace, urging all parties concerned to seize this opportunity and embrace an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process. Taliban said they would attack only if their positions were hit.